Cow Dairy , -* ( Raw ) 100 % Guernsey Cow Double Cream White Cheese

-* ( Raw ) 100 % Guernsey Cow Double Cream White Cheese

Soft cheese between a mozzerella and a paneer cheese slice in 1/2 inch peices lengthwise ,put some ghee in a pan then saute as its sauteing the warm whey will come out of the will melt down somewhat but stop and hold its shape like paneer Mild flavor like that of panee r.NO CULTURE ADDED ! Great with some crusty bread or served warm on top of a salad or as a side with your meal add some salt and cracked pepper on red pepper flakes on top after serving DRIED ORGANIC SPICES USED IN THE FLAVORED CHEESES ALSO FARMER SPRINKLES SOME PINK HIMALAYAN SALT ON TOP OF the PLAIN AND FLAVORED

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