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Have you been wondering where to find raw milk, raw dairy, and grass-fed meat? Well, then you have reached your destination. At Udder Milk we pride ourselves on selling the best raw dairy and grass-fed meat to customers in New Jersey, New York, New York City, and Long Island. All our cows, ducks, sheep, goats, chicken and all other livestock are grass-fed from healthy and natural pastures. Udder Milk is the best raw milk dairy and pastured beef farm in the tri-state area. Our goal is to improve and preserve our natural resources while producing nutrient dense, life sustaining food for everyone living out there in NJ, NY, NYC and Long Island. Our main foods include raw dairy products like milk, yogurt, cheese, and pure organic grass fed meat. We also sell camel milk, eggs, frozen liquid duck eggs, soy free duck eggs, pastured quail eggs and more. We deliver these high-grade and organic products right to your doorstep. We go all-out to produce top-quality and healthy food and to ensure an outstanding raw milk delivery.

Our raw milk, grass-fed milk, unpasteurized milk and grass-fed meat all come from grass-fed livestock. These food products are rich in health building Omega-3 and CLA’s. We raise and milk our cows, goats, sheep and other livestock in their natural pasture environment year round. We make sure to never feed our cattle with grain but with grass only. Our herd of dairy cattle is also growing yearly which has enabled us to take on new customers happily. Our only motto is to never compromise on what we produce and how we produce. We go above and beyond to produce the healthiest and most nutrient-dense raw dairy and grass-fed meat in NJ, NY, NYC, and Long Island. Our livestock is never confined and we keep pasteurizing them year round. All the cattle that we own in our farm come from traditional heritage breeds known for giving rich and nutritious milk.

Most importantly, we know how unhealthy it is to use growth hormones on dairy cows. These hormones adulterate the milk and strip it of its rich contents and vitamins. Our grass-fed cows, goats, and sheep give tasty, delicious and organic meat. We pride ourselves in serving you and your family with nourishing foods. We have a variety of raw milk, dairy, and grass-fed meat products for all your needs. We always treat our customers like family when they order from our store and make sure to satisfy them with the raw milk and meat delivery. We know that good and healthy food is a necessity of every family.

Benefits of Grass-fed Animal Products:

Grass-fed animal products are far better and nutritious as compared to the standard mass-produced alternatives. They contain more vitamin A and E substantially than beef produced commercially. In fact, organic full-fat milk and yogurts are rich in higher saturated fat content which is high in omega-3 fatty acids. This is because of the grass diet we provide our cows, goats, and sheep to feed on. Omega-3 is scientifically proven to have beneficial impacts on heart and brain.

If you decide to go for grass-fed dairy and meat products, you choose omega-3 which is associated with reduced risk of high cholesterol, heart disease, and diabetes. Today the cows we eat are mostly grown by corporations driven by profits where animals are artificially grown with growth hormones. But this is unhealthy and we should not consume such commercial beef.

This is why we are devoted to producing organic dairy and meat products. Our animals are kept far away from such chemicals and contaminations so they give 100% organic milk, eggs, and meat.

Our wide range of food products include:

Raw Milk

Raw milk is a good healthy choice for you. At Udder Milk we have been producing and making home deliveries of raw milk. When milk is subjected to several processes, it loses its taste. Grass fed milk in its natural form is rich in healthy bacteria and calcium, and also has an incredible taste.

We are always working hard, keeping simple, and delivering a great deal of grass fed milk accompanied by other wholesome products, directly to your home whenever you need it. Grass-fed raw milk delivery is an ever growing business that remains committed to delivering quality and convenience in raw milk delivery. The grass fed milk once extracted from the cows are processed in a hygienic environment that’s free of chemicals, pesticides, and unnatural hormones. In-line filters are used during milking to prevent any dirt from contacting the milk.

Only Natural Products

We offer raw milk straight from the farm which is delivered to you when you need it. The animals have been nurtured under top hygienic conditions and given the opportunity to roam around consuming grass on the pasture. Our entire raw dairy comes from unpasteurized milk, making sure all the nutrients are intact. According to researchers, grass fed milk is rich in Omega 3 and CLA content. This makes it even more nutritious. None of our cows are induced in any artificial way to produce more milk than their natural capability requires. As a result, our milk is rich in butterfat and protein. In a similar way to the traditional setting, the farming standards go far deeper than organic without having to apply any synthetic hormones, fertilizers or harmful pesticides. We do not homogenize the milk but instead leave it pure.

You can also receive other raw dairy products notably:

  • Raw Sour Cream Rich in fats and is obtained by fermenting our regular raw cream using certain bacteria and lactic acids.
  • Raw Butter Milk Our buttermilk is rich in minerals and is a by-product when making butter. It has a champagne color and has some butter pieces present. Perfect for baking, drinking, mixing into scrambled eggs or mashed potatoes.
  • Yogurt Nice creamy and thick yogurt from grass fed cows.
  • Raw Whey After the milk has undergone cuddling and straining, the remaining liquid is referred to as whey. It contains a lot of riboflavin and minerals.
  • Cow Eggnog Comprised of raw grass fed cow milk, raw cream, egg yolk, raw honey, cinnamon among other ingredients.
  • Raw Cottage Cheese High-quality ingredients such as thick raw cream, grass-fed cow milk, culture, and sea salt.
  • Ricotta Cheese Made from unpasteurized raw milk. We do our best to ensure that the nuances within the milk are preserved. The complexity and flavor are not interfered with.
  • We offer several other dairy products vanilla egg custard, Egyptian mish cheese, Cow keifer, and a lot more.

Give Udder Milk the opportunity to deliver raw milk and dairy products to your home. We provide raw milk delivery across NJ, NY, NYC and Long Island. Shop our Raw Milk and Dairy products today!

Other Raw Dairy

Udder Milk delivers fresh products of raw milk, cheese, and dairy from 100% organic raised grass fed livestock to New York and New Jersey. This includes the New York City metropolitan area and Long Island. The movement of locally raised organic grass fed dairy and its incredible benefits has been gaining steam among high-end restaurant chefs and home cooks. Raised in clean chemical free pastures, our locally sourced items are just a call away from being delivered to your front door. Restaurant owners and masters of cooking have been recommending grass fed meat for not only the quality of locally raised livestock but its increase in flavor and clean health benefits.

We offer a wide variety of products from goat and sheep dairy, to specialty items as well. Goat dairy products include raw milk, cream, butter, whey, along with classic style Greek yogurt and cottage cheese. We also have raw goat milk cheeses such as sharp style feta, and the softer more popular chevre. Our sheep products include milk, buttermilk, cream, butter, and whey. We also provide yogurt, kefir, and cottage cheese, along with raw cheeses of cheddar, feta, and chevre. Some of are unique and sought after products in stock are camel milk, liquid duck eggs, soy free duck eggs, and pastured quail eggs.

Our primary focus is to deliver the most gorgeous, clean, and healthy dairy possible from our local farm to you. We provide dairy and raw milk delivery to all of the greater New York metropolitan area along with New York and New Jersey. We offer products the way nature intended and treated with the utmost care and respect. We can guide you through the process of any, or all of our amazing items. A natural, healthier, and positively more flavorful way is waiting to be hand delivered to you!

Grass Fed Meat

As the world today is making healthier choices in the products they consume, a lot of people are looking for products that will not only satisfy their taste buds but will also ensure that they live longer. It is not just about buying cheap food products available, but consumers today are more interested in the ingredients. If it is meat, more consumers are checking the method of preparation, the type of food the animals ate, and the nutritional content. Therefore, people are better able to make wise food choices like choosing grass-fed meat over grain fed meat.

Grass fed meat is simply meat product from an animal that has been fed pasture their whole lives. This is what Udder Milk advocates for and follows it by the letter. It has been proven that grass-fed meat is more nutritious, has better fat quality, and has more Vitamin K, which is vital for healthy bones and the heart.

Are you in tune with a healthy lifestyle? Have you resolved to eat healthier this year? Do you desire to live longer? Udder Milk is the right raw milk and organic grass fed meat delivery service for you. Our company has a variety of natural and grass fed meat products from chicken, cow, sheep, turkey and duck. All these animals feed on clean pasture grass and stay in a hygienically clean environment. We supply and deliver our meat products in NJ, NY, NYC and Long Island. We are also available for the delivery of grass fed meat products in these regions.

We guarantee our meat consumers will enjoy high-quality and sumptuous meat. Different products are available for our customers. We have grass fed meat, grass fed organic beef, grass fed ground beef, grass fed and Halal beef steak, grass fed and Halal beef roasts, pastured Halal chicken, grass fed and Halal lamb, grass fed and Halal beef organs, grass fed and Halal beef bones and broth, Halal rabbit, whole pastured turkey, grass fed sausage, chorizo and jerky, kofta, grass fed and Halal duck. Use Udder Milk for all your grass fed organic meat and raw milk delivery today!

Why Choose Udder Milk?

Udder Milk is a one place solution for all your dairy and meat products. We offer raw milk delivery so that our customers can enjoy fresh raw milk daily or weekly as per their requirements. We provide raw milk delivery to all customers in New Jersey, New York, New York City, and Long Island. We know how hard it is to find and buy raw milk and dairy products that are purely organic and not filled with chemicals. Udder Milk is the right place for all your raw milk and organic meat delivery because we know how important it is to have dairy and meat that’s untainted.

We produce a lot of different types of foods for our customers. Our specialty and most loved products are our 100% organic Halal meats. Overall, our animals are born and raised on acres of pasture and are never given any growth hormones, unnecessary antibiotics or grain feed for that matter. We are continuously expanding our business to reach as many customers as possible in NY, NJ, NYC and Long Island. When you order our products, they will be delivered to your home in well-sealed packages and in a timeframe you need them. Give Udder Milk a call today for all your raw milk delivery!